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GMWIN V4.04 For LS(LG) GLOFA PLC Setup Free (Final 2022)




written by mdr hello everyone i'm on kubuntu 13.04 kostkon: In that case, you can do a for dpkg to go through all your packages and install them all at once. Zyr0: you're in the wrong channel for support yes i know sorry... i was just wondering if anyone has tried k3b version 1.0 in ubuntu kostkon: An example: for dpkg in `dpkg --get-selections | awk '{print $1}'`; do dpkg --set-selections kostkon: That will do it all in a single command. theadmin, ok, nice anyone? k3b version 1.0 in ubuntu 13.04? it's already been answered yes i know it's answered... then why are you still asking the same question? no one answered me please read again i did Zyr0: Please don't just repeat things that were already answered in a pastebin, you'll just be ignored. sorry, but the last time i asked no one answered me, and no one answered me when i asked the same thing i thought i'd try again. Zyr0, you are not installing k3b v1.0 in ubuntu. you are installing it in ubuntu 13.04. but 13.04 is dead now and has been withdrawn from development and is no longer supported. Zyr0: The last time you asked, you got an answer. That was a month ago. yes, i'm installing it in ubuntu 13.04 but do you know if it has been released Zyr0: By "released", I mean "has already been released in some form"




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GMWIN V4.04 For LS(LG) GLOFA PLC Setup Free (Final 2022)

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