Brain Breathing - The 3 Minute Routine of Clarity, Calm and Confidence

We all want a little more time. The time we have can go so quickly and before we know it a day is done and another week gone. Doing what ever you can to stay present enhances your sense of wellbeing. This very short mindfulness technique allows you to cultivate a daily practice that develops clarity, calm and confidence.

Download the 5 Minute Audio Companion :

Brain Breathing 

The 3 Minute Routine of

Clarity, Calm and Confidence.

Video Course Contents


How to do it

Preparations and Considerations

Overcoming Challenges

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Course Matierial

Brain Breathing 5 Minute Audio Companion

To enhance and formalise your daily Brain Breathing practice you will find journaling very useful.
Click below to learn more about how to do this.

What Makes it Happen

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