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Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep Hypnosis Audios

We all know how cranky we can get after one night of broken sleep. Several nights of disturbed sleep can really impact upon your wellbeing. And for whatever reason if sleeplessness becomes an all too regular thing it can seriously affect your health. 

Stress tolerance declines along with the ability to focus and before you know it you’re feeling overwhelmed and under resourced to deal with the simplest of every day tasks. 

At What Makes it Happen we knew making a Quality Hypnosis Audio had to be a high priority. Graham Barrone, our resident psychotherapist and word wizard got together with the mighty Evan Costello our musical master and knob turner to create these versatile Sleep Like a Baby Hypnosis Audios.

Evans ethereal and comforting composition underscoring, Grahams soothing voice, relieves the mind of unwanted ‘noise’ bringing sleep effortlessly to you. This slow paced piece blends together airy tones with simple harmony to create an enveloping listening experience that consumes its listener organically without requiring any effort at all. 


We knew that giving you versatility and choice was vital. Knowing that some people respond better to whispers rather than a softly spoken voice meant we had to create two choices for you; The Spoken version and the Whispered version of ‘Sleep like a baby’. But not even that was good enough for us! We had to be even more versatile and offer you even more choice by giving you 3 extra bonus versions; The music on its own, the whispered version without music and the spoken version without music.


This Sleep Like a Baby package is something that we are really proud of and sincerely hope your life and wellbeing is improved now better and regular sleep is a part of it; just like these people…


'After struggling with sleep for a few months, Graham's sleep audio provided the foundation for focusing and calming mind and body. I've experienced the benefits as my sleep immediately improved: less fatigue, more energy, ability to focus and handle stress. I highly recommend this recording to anyone seeking relaxation and restoration.'

Shelagh, South Carolina.

‘It used to take 2 hours to get our restless daughter to settle down. 12 minutes listening to this and she's fast asleep. Cant tell you the happy difference it's made in our family.’

Caroline, Basingstoke. 

Connor: ‘Sorry Graham, cant give you a review. Haven’t heard it all the way through yet.’

Graham: ‘No probs mate. Let me know if it knocks you out.’

Connor: ‘That’s WHY I haven’t heard it all the way through yet.’

Graham: ‘Oh!’

Connor, Mayo

"Graham is very open minded and understanding about different perceptions of the world that I have. My view of my place in the world has changed so much in the last several years. Graham is helping find a way to cope with this change."


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