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Feeling stuck?

“In a moment of great panic and fear, I reached out to Graham for support and therapy. He has provided the best help I have ever received in my many years of therapy, and I very much look forward to continue our time together."


Online Psychotherapy?

Assured Discretion
Anonymity is important to my clients for various personal reasons. This added layer of assured discretion allows for deeper comfort and trust enabling you to fully relax with what you share with me.

​Bespoke, Dedicated Support
We work together Online using various phone, video and private messaging platforms that are available. This gives you greater flexibility so you can receive the very best bespoke, dedicated support that fits in with your lifestyle.

Fear, Anxiety and Depression

I specialise in helping people struggling with fear, anxiety and depression, and resolving those dis-eases, disorders and dysfunctions that arise from them.

After many years in private, public and personal practice I have collected a full range of fabulous tools, tips and techniques that work and will improve the quality of your life. YOU are at the heart of what I do and during our time together you’ll be supported to achieve and enjoy sustained wellbeing in an atmosphere of acceptance, non-judgement and good humour.


Come say ‘Hi’
There are no bells or whistles here, no bold claims to lure you in. I stand humbly by my testimonials and those kind stories of happier lives now lived that you may already of heard about from my clients.

So, if you are ready


What is it?
About me


Everyone needs to be heard
Hi. My name’s Graham, I’ve been a practicing Psychotherapist for about 14 years. I am privileged to have witnessed many healing journeys. Although I’m very good at my job and despite all my cleverness in knowing how to help you, there is one basic humbling human need that I cater for here and that is, Everyone needs to be heard. Sharing your truth without judgement in total acceptance brings a profound unburdening allowing for peace and healing to begin. It is the core of why Online Psychotherapy works so well.

​Highly trusted and

I have worked and trained in both Ireland and England, where I now live in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. My time in Ireland bought me in to contact with a number of high profile clients whose kind endorsements built my reputation as a highly trusted and recommended therapist. These days I work almost entirely online as it allows me a truly global reach and enables me to live the more spontaneous lifestyle I enjoy.

Compassionate, humorous and odd

It’s tricky to write a bio that shows me as likeable and not worryingly vain. In the interest of balance here’s a few adjectives I’ve heard often over the years to describe me. Compassionate - Its my preferred stance on accepting my many flaws. Humorous - As much a defence mechanism as a window to view the ridiculousness in the world. Odd - hmm, despite my past efforts to fit in I’ve now accepted that I exist just outside the framework of normal (I still prefer eccentric though!).


Better understanding

I hope you have a better understanding of the man you are reaching out to and are now more confident to do so. What ever you are suffering with, wanting to improve or just needing to get off your chest you are in safe hands.

​I am kind. Be brave.

Come and chat.

Let's do this!

“Amazing care and concern!

Graham is the real deal and genuinely cares about what’s going on in your world..."


Flexible and Simple to suit your lifestyle

I offer two Services: 

A Monthly Subscription Private Messaging Service and one hour Online Sessions. ​

Flexibility is key and I want you to feel that I offer you truly accessible support that fits your lifestyle. I am always open to chat so if you have any queries, thoughts or feelings about how best you would like to work with me please do get in touch.


Monthly Subscription

Private Messaging Service

£140 per month

(approx. $190, €165)

Online Sessions

Video or Audio

£80 per hour

(approx $110, €95)

Discounts for 

Monthly Subscribers

Buy Online Session now


Come and say 'Hi' and share any thoughts, feelings or concerns you may have about the service.

I am always happy to chat and will get back to you pretty quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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"Graham is very open minded and understanding about different perceptions of the world that I have. My view of my place in the world has changed so much in the last several years. Graham is helping find a way to cope with this change."

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