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“In a moment of great panic and fear, I reached out to Graham for support and therapy. He has provided the best help I have ever received in my many years of therapy, and I very much look forward to continue our time together."

Referrals Information

Choosing your Referral Route

I regularly receive referrals from a number of Mental Health Service Providers. If you are one of those referrals then this page is where you access the relevant information, subscription details, and associated links and materials.

Select your link to take you to a password protected page. The chances are we've already spoken and you have your password. If not please Contact Me below.

Select your organisation

X it Depression


7 Cups

Ketamine Service Oxford Health NHS

Success Secrets


Come and say 'Hi' and share any thoughts, feelings or concerns you may have about the service.

I am always happy to chat and will get back to you pretty quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

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"Graham is very open minded and understanding about different perceptions of the world that I have. My view of my place in the world has changed so much in the last several years. Graham is helping find a way to cope with this change."

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